Chic Deals…..the NEWEST Chic Sheet Addition!

Chic Deals……Bargains are a girl’s best friend!!!!

Feel like you didn’t get quite what you wanted for Christmas??! (or Hanukah…….?!) Don’t fret, we have created a new page specifically to detail the fabulous sales retailers in Houston are having calledChic Dealsso you can get those desired items on sale! You will find posted there the information about the sale including the store, the location and the dates……… Lots of the retailers have offered extra special discounts specifically for you, the Chic Sheet reader!

Don’t forget about the other pages we have on the Chic Sheet:

Chic Boutique: An extensive list of Houston (and Austin!) boutiques including the names and the addresses……… if we missed your fave, don’t hesitate to let us know………

Chic Happening: Information about local Trunk Shows and/or Personal Appearances…. including dates, times, location and designer……

Chic Scene: A work in progress….. the spot designated to highlight the photos from the best fashion and/or events in town…. feel free to send us your photos from the fab events around town!

Chic Advisory: Got questions about what to wear to an event?? Or the proper way to wear a trend?? Send us an email and you will get a personal email reply from Roz!

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