Chic Find….. Angela Caputi

Chic Find: Who is Angela Caputi?!

I’ve been a follower of Angela Caputi since I bought my first bangle of hers at a bientot many years ago and have been stacking on her bracelets ever since. It was not until I visited her shop in the SoHo equivalent of Milan and saw all that this creative Florentine designer had to offer that I became fixated on finding her jewels in the states so that I could share with my friends. I’ve said many times about the great fashion pieces that I have collected over the years, that I could sell them off my arm as I get so many inquiries whenever I wear them!A little about who she is…….Angela Caputi established her Florence-based company in 1975 from her workshop in the historical centre there and achieved international acclaim for her Giuggiu label. Caputi is now one of the most recognized names in haute couture costume jewelry globally. In the last four years, she has been featured in exhibitions in Florence and in New York at the Museum of the Fashion Institute of New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ms. Caputi designs all of the collection herself. The signature of her collection that makes it all her own is her unique use of plastics, all materials made in Italy. Her jewelry is assembled in her studio in Florence and from there, these pieces, completely made in Italy, are sold all over the world.

For now, Caputi’s syles are sold in her boutiques in Florence and Milan, some Madison Avenue shops and here in Houston, at Kastafior, recently relocated inside of Etui at 3433 West Alabama, where Doris Hawila has gathered quite a collection of Caputi styles that show the range of one-of-a-kind pieces from this creative Italian designer.You must stop in and take a look and ask to see more……Doris has drawers full!

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