Chic Find…….aren't the best things found in small packages?!!

Chic Find…….aren’t the best things found in small packages?!

Hey, that is what my parents told me my whole life?!!!! Well, our town’s Handbag Designer, Kelly Anzillotti is making some magic by recycling some of her remnant skins into bags small enough to be hands-free at the cocktail parties/bars but large enough to hold all that really matters. Sure to fit inside, some lip color (this season, let’s hope it’s RED), your I-phone or blackberry, business cards for networking and a little bit of change. All of the bags come equipped, the Kelly K. signature way, with handles of stones that clip on and can double as a necklace…….all of this at prices that won’t halt the debit cards…….only $145-165.

If you would love to purchase one of these unique one-of-a-kind pouches, you can reach Kelly directly by emailing her at or stopping by her booth at one of the upcoming Holiday Markets……..Royal Oaks, St. Martin’s and Lakeside are immediate.

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