Chic Find: Fun gear to make travelling just a little easier

24/7 Eco-ready bags…..don’t leave home without one!

Flip & Tumbel for local on-line Retailer, Give,has developed the perfect bag that you can have with you all the time. No longer will you get up to the counter and know that you want to be eco-friendly but realize that yes, once again, you have left your Reusable Bag in the car, because the 24/7 is small enough to fit right in your handbag. This great little bag is also wonderful for travel….I always take some type of bag in my suitcase for all of the great goodies that I want to bring back from a trip……this little ball opens up to quite the large tote bag. For more details and to check out this recession-friendly priced bag ($9.00) of rip-stop nylon, click on,continue to click onto the drop-down SHOP, then, HANDBAGS.

Take your own Blankie when you travel away from home!

We all have heard how airlines are taking away or charging for the smallest luxuries…..well, you no longer have to worry about not having a Blanket & Pillow for your trips. I found this little item, also on Give, which comes in (4) great colors but of course, I’ve featured my fave….Crimson! It was featured on Oprah’s O-list.,is super-soft, it’s yours alone and can be taken on plane rides or car trips as well. As an added feature to make your ride just perfect, the blanket has a little pocket for your I-pod so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes …….and the envy of all the other travelers! This affordable little set is $28.00 for both pieces. For more details and/or to purchase this must have travel item, check out,, continue to click on to SHOP and then, LUG TRAVEL.

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