CHIC FIND: The Lipstick Queen by Poppy King

Poppy King is a woman near and dear to my heart. She has always been fascinated with the lips since she was a child in Australia playing with her Moms lipstick and believes that it is lip color that transforms the look of the face. It is her obsession with the glamour of lips that has driven her cosmetic career that has been solely focused on lip products. As someone who never leaves the house without that ONE beauty product always carefully applied to my lips and who like Polly is a fan of RED, I get it and so much agree that I know we could be friends!

All of her lip products are available at Barney’s and in H-town at Kuhl-Linscomb where Lauren can give you the 411 on the benefits of each. Poppy has selected 10 colors and has done those same 10 colors for LIPSTICK QUEEN any way you like them……
*Saint and Sinners lipsticks……Saint is only 10% pigmentation and very sheer, while Sinners is 90% pigmentation, full coverage, very opaque and matte.
*Two Glosses…..Shine and Matte
*Big Bang is an illusion gloss; lets the light do its part to make your lips look fuller without the use of a plumper
*Medieval is a stain that moisturizes your lips, ala chapstick
*Chinatown Pencils available in sheer and the same matching colors. Poppy feels nothing should take away from the look of rich, full lips and are only needed to restrain your lip color of choice. (these pencils are featured on the current cover of the Aug. 09 Instyle Magazine with Kathryn Heigl)

For more info on products, Poppy and her new book, click,

Photo image above taken by Tina Tyrell for NY Times Magazine, T, October 2006…….note, Poppy wears no eye make-up, so as not to distract from…….her LIPS! (truly deserving of her title, LIPSTICK QUEEN)

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