Chic Find………Loomstate for Target, an Earth Day gift for all!

Eco-Chic Find…..Loomstate for Target
an Earth Day gift for all!

Target does it again! The store that constantly looks for new ways to bring affordable fashion to the economically conscious has now gone GREEN….They began by saving our wallets but now with the help of eco-chic denim label, Loomstate, they are also helping us save our planet! Loomstate, the classic-Americana, organic denim line, was started in 2004 by Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn with a focus on not only organic materials but also the “Golden Standard” of production methods. According to the Loomstate group, they describe their new collaborations as:

“The Loomstate for Target collection was created with a commitment to an environmentally responsible future. All of the cotton used in the Target collection is 100% certified organic. Featured prominently throughout the line, the signature Loomstate pelican logo and aqua shade serve as a reminder of the Loomstate desire to always tread lightly on the earth.”

The edgy eco-friendly line for both women and men, debuting this week in select Target stores and, is easy and casual and made for our summers with its fun printed tees, dresses, shorts, hoodies and great bikinis and trunks! While denim is the base of this line, I would strongly recommend checking out their other great pieces, first because its their tees and knits that fly off the shelves of Barneys, Saks and Bloomingdales and because, let’s be honest, who’s wearing jeans when it is 102 degrees outside and you are beating off the humidity with a stick!

Limited time: April 19th-May 16th

Where: Target San Felipe had lots to choose from, check online for other locations?!

Prices: $14.99-$49.99 (compares to their main line where prices are higher, but remember this is for a very limited time only, so hurry in to get these chic duds at these prices)

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