Chic Find…..MZ Wallace Handbags, One of the Best of New York here in Houston

Chic Find: MZ Wallace Handbags…..One of the Best of New York, says New York Magazine

Here is a collection that fits the description of non-IT-bag status but alot of New Yorkers are carrying them or certainly want to, just as if?! Judging from the many comments that I’ve received around town, using my Clara Bag,(featured photo on left), there will be many of the Houston fashion savvy carrying them here as well. What I love is the bags are durable, lightweight, weather-resistant nylon, not unlike the many Prada bags and totes that have endured my many years of abuse and live on just the same! The plus to these wonderful travel-friendly bags is that they are all lined in great HOT FASHION COLORS that make them special…….and did I say how functional they can be? It helps keep me organized with all of its many compartments that are sized perfectly for all my basic needs…..cellphone/blackberry, checkbook, passport, etc.!?!
A special note about these fashion-savvy creators……the collection was founded in 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice in NYC. Each of these women had spent many years in the fashion industry. Lucy as Senior Accessory Editor of Harpers Bazaar and Accessory Director of Elle. Monica traveled the world styling advertising and editorial campaigns for leading brands and international magazines. Is there any wonder that these talented women have created the newest hot handbag line?!!!

WHERE TO BUY: available excluively at a bientot (extensive assortment in many colors, prints, styles!)
3268 Westheimer Rd.

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