Chic Find of the Week… Zip It!

Chic Find of the Week…….. Zip It!

The fashion mags are chocked full of accessories with metal details. One of the top metal treatments of the moment is the use of zippers! It’s traveled a fashion path from RTW where exposed zippers have been all the rage, primarily on dresses. I’ve seen multi-zips on handbags and shoes and now that trend has made it to jewelry.
A Little Eye Candy accessories gals, Susan Bowman and Diane Boyd are telling me that this has been one of their hottest trends this season. This collection includes other pieces as well and is priced from $18 to $20. To see more of their many trinkets and a full display of lots of accessories trends, hand-picked by these ladies, that you will want to purchase for yourself or as a holiday gift for your many fashion friends, you must visit their website, Since they sell directly to the consumer, make sure you check-out their show calendars to find out where they will be next if you want to touch and feel all of their fab finds!

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