Chic Find: Sherpas…..give your Sharpie's some style!

Chic Find: Sherpas make Sharpies a fashion statement!

So if you’re like me…….you get excited over a creative idea AND you’re worrying that with texting, emailing and blogging, no one writes any more, then you are going to love this product! The Sherpa(tm) is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers, including Sharpie(r), Pilot(r), Uniball pens and Accent(r) highlighters. It is available in many patterns and designs that both gals and guys gotta love! This new item has made Oprah’s O list for September and won’t you be impressive in your next meeting when you make your scribbles with such a style-savvy pen…… one needs to know it’s just your fave Sharpie!?!

You can purchase a Sherpa for yourself and pick up a few for your friends right from your computer as it is available at local website, For more details on this new chic find and how to purchase, click on

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