Chic Find……….Something to WRAP about!

Chic Find of the Week……….. Newest Way to Wrap It Up!
Wraps are all the rage, as bracelets go. They have become a creative dream for jewelry designers as it allows them an open canvas of leather strapping and lots and lots of variety in beads of all kinds………….everything from precious to semi-precious to metal studs… all works! Look best stacked…..with themselves or as a hip accompaniment to a watch!


Andrea Montgomery’s wide wrap cuffs
made of leather straps adorned with metal, crystal and
in the case of the orange beads……dyed jade.
Great accessory addition for jeans to party frocks!

Prices: vary, around the $125 range.

On the right, also from Andrea Montgomery, leather
strappings studded in metal…..great individually or stacked.
A casual look for denim; priced from $45-75

To see more wrap looks and many other styles from Andrea’s collection, visit her site.


A casual wrap…….a black leather strap entwined with turquoise
and crystal beads from the collection of wrap bracelets by
Beth Benefield and her BFF, Polly Roth. These ladies are so
into this trend that they have named their website for it.
Their pricing is clever and simple……..$40 for a double and
add $15 for each additional wrap……ranging in price from
$55 for a triple to $85 for five wraps.

On the right, brown leather strappings chocked full of creamy pearlized beads. This classic combo
looks all warm and cozy with Fall’s soft knits, denim and your favorite boots…….or dresses up nicely
for cocktail with this season’s dress and suited looks.

Visit their site to see lots more of their very special wrapping creations!

Catherine Rapetti’s Love Knots

All fashion gals are finding out about these equestrian-like leather wraps from Houston’s Paige Cunningham who’s teamed with Catherine Rapetti in NYC. The colors are a plenty and the metallics are to dye for……no beads here, just classic leather; looks best stacked with themselves or with other jewels……..doubles, $95,singles, $45……..available locally at Persona Day Spa, Tootsies or online at Rapetti’s new glam-site or at the hot e-tailer,……this chicsheet repeat is a must have!

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