Chic Find: Summertime Wonder

Chic Find: It’s a Summertime Wonder

If you haven’t allready heard about the Wonderbar from your friends or from ME (ChicSheet posting,Feb.26.’09), I’m here to tell you just what a great, simple product this is for your skin and what a wonderful travel companion it has proven to be. Summer is here and everyone is off somewhere for a day, a week or a month…….and if you’re like me and have 8 beauty products that you use on a daily basis, you will be delighted to know that you can take just the Wonderbar with you, plus a moisturizer and most definitely some sun screen, add your color make-up and you are set! Because Wonderbar is not just a bar of soap……this clay-based Malaysian bar is all-inclusive skin care in one-step…..cleanser, exfoliator, etc.that you just lather up, leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse and go.
Cost for Wonderbar…..$40 for small bar, $10 for sampler bar.
This Wonderbar is not available in stores but I have an “in” where you can purchase it………
*contact Nicole Pactor Graham (you ca
n purchase directly and she will ship it to your door!)
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