Chic Finds……..OOH LA LA, CHOCOLATES AND VALENTINES, a universal match

Chic Finds………Ooh La La!
Chocolates and Valentines………a universal match

One of our favorite haute shopping spots, More Than You Can Imagine, has many awesome gift suggestions for that special Valentine in your life, but they are most excited about sharing their newest find……….DELICE, a collection of fine artisan chocolates and candies that are hand-made in France by award winning chocolatiers, following old family traditions.

French chocolate is known worldwide for its quality. It is a luxury and pure chocolate, with a high percentage of carcao. Delicate designs and small portions make them “Un petit tresor – a little treasure”. Chocolate, to the French, is like a fine wine, it is consumed to mark special occassions such as birthdays, anniversaries,weddings and of course……..the sweetest event, Valentines Day

If Chocolates do not tickle your sweethearts fancy, then there are many other choices at MTYCI that might………lots of Hearts in every size, fun valentine dice that with a roll, tells your special love-message, lots of accessories choices in RED, RED, Red and much more…… to stop by and see for yourself or check out their website,

Located where? 2333 Westheimer (across from Rickshaw)
Houston, Tx. 77019
(713) 668-8811

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