Chic Happening…………. Goode Company's Infamous Pecan Pie

Chic Find: in case you haven’t heard?!

Here’s one tradition that I did NOT grow up with but cannot live without now and that is the infamous Good Company Pecan Pies that have become a holiday staple. I love them all year long but as a constant 365 day dieter, I savor the thought of having the right excuse to purchase a pie and share it with my family. It’s obvious that lots of families feel the same way. Goode Co. has so many requests for this pie that it sets up a booth in their parking lots, with the sole purpose to sell hundreds of these ever-so-popular nutty delights.

If you’ve never done this, you must join in the festivities, it has become a tradition in our family. We all love to drive thru, get our pies, see some friends (always someone we know picking up also!) and then go home feeling that the Holidays have truly arrived!!!

Here’s the details…..
*Tuesday, Wednesday before Thanksgiving
*Drive thru 8 am till 5 pm
*Parking lot, Goode Co. Barbecue, 5109 Kirby Drive, 8911 Katy Frwy., 20102 Northwest Freeway

p.s. If you love them, you should know that they do this for Christmas as well……and if you have friends that are away, try ordering and mailing these in their special wooden gift boxes……a little touch from Texas can go a long way!
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