Chic Happening……It's Cool to have Good manners!?

Chic Happening: It’s Cool (and Chic) to have Good Manners!

So, your kids think that they are too cool for school?!…….well here is just the right match for them. It’s called ETICOOL School, the brainchild of our town’s renowned Image Consultant, Helen Perry, who has always known that nothing makes for a bad image more than bad manners. So, she has decided to start young and teach our children what it takes to have good manners and knowing Helen, make it fun while they’re learning it!

Helen will be at Tony’s teaching luncheon manners to the little ones, while they feast on a 3-course Tony’s lunch special………not a bad life, these kids of ours!
Now if she would only spread the knowledge to some of the older ones…….a
refresher for my young adults wouldn’t be a bad idea?!

Details: Tony’s Restaurant
3755 Richmond
Dates: Tues, 6/30 and 7/28
11:30 til 1:30
More info: contact

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