Chic Happening: London Fashion Week through the eyes our local reporter

Chic Happening: London Fashion Week as seen through the eyes of our local reporter…….Laura Nelson!

After my re-visit to London in May, I’ve wanted to be back there and at no time was that desire greater than during London Fashion Week which just ended on Tuesday (didn’t make it to NYFW this season either…..I am suffering from major Big Apple withdrawal, but that’s another story that is soon being corrected!)
So, couldn’t be there……well, next best thing, our town’s Laura Nelson, daughter of Leisa, just happens to be there on an uber-intership for Turn Broadcast and got her feet wet early on by covering LFW first hand……and couldn’t wait to tell us about it.

The following are some of Laura’s observations in her own words from her fashion week-end….

“outfits reflected a new take on what desirable in a feminine shape. This season at John Rochas, it’s all about a fitted top-half and bulky middle. Jackets & tops are with wire-structured, expanded middle sections. On the bottom, most pieces are looking like the lower-half a baggie one-zie. Love them or hate them, these elegant-at-times versions of sweatpants (NYC is calling them harem pants), look like they’re going to be around for awhile longer and in London, there were plenty of audience members to be seen spotting this trend. Think of them as another reason to say YES when the waiter asks if you’d like to see the dessert menu.” To read more about Laura’s Fashion Week adventures and observations, click on to her blog, Women’s Wear Daily’s brief summary of London Fashion Week was “collections strong on color, shine and distinctive details”.

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