Chic Happening: Rod Stewart visits H-town

“If ya think he’s sexy”………
he is!

I”m no music critic but I have seen a lot of concerts in my day and don’t think I’ve seen a better show than the one that Rod Stewart and company brought to the Woodlands Pavilion last Friday night.

The onstage presence of this super Rock Star exuded charisma, charm and sexiness that made such a connection with the audience! I know that our group were smitten by watching Rod in action with his super-looker blonde female sax player, beautiful brunette fiddler and rockin’ singers and band. I must mention that as a style-watcher, Rod, in particular, and his band were sooo well put together with every fashion detail from the skinny ties to his gold shoes…..and how cool was he to sport a fashion-right straw cowboy hat just for our towns……Houston, Friday and Dallas, Sunday.

All of this happened because my bro, Steve, who is producing Rod’s newest Standards album, Soul Standards, was working with Rod in Palm Beach until RS had to pull the plugs, literally, to head to Texas for his week-end gig here. Steve, was on the phone to me, arrangements were made for Alan and I, the Mandolas, our favorite social columnist and hubby and Steve’s niece,Tracey Proler to get our “cool” clothes together……it was the Woodlands Pavillion and this is July in Houston, after all!?! We boarded our most fun and well-stocked party bus ever and off we were to meet, greet and swoon over Mr. Stewart. Such a fun night that ended much too soon for us, at the new Bar Annie, where Mimi DelGrande graciously met us after midnight with many great tasties from their new dig, RDG.

Thanks Stevie for making such a great night of memories for all of us!

Note to all.…..many of you heard this, but yes it was Steve’s “The Sunny Side of the Street” that the astronauts chose to wake up to just this Monday a.m……to keep in the know on Steve’s schedule and other “out of this world” happenings and tour dates for him that are coming up, visit

(All photos taken by our resident, rock photographer, Mary Mandola!)

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