Chic Happening ……… The Golden Globes

What the Goldens say about Spring Fashion…..

So, maybe it’s just years of training but Sunday night as I sat in front of my TV with a pad and pencil, knowing that for some, the show was about the Stars, the Movies and the TV Shows, but for many of us, it’s really about the Red Carpet Fashion Trends and a sneak peak at what Spring Fashion will be about?!

Some of my favorite take-aways from the night………
*Romantic, Feminine details in ruffles, bows, draping
*Color of the night was split-decision…….Nude and Soft pales vs. Black;
**The new news on the carpet were the neutrals…….nude, white, taupe and soft pales. Coral, peach and icey
blues and lilacs. (this will be a very BLUE season with Turquoise leading the pack.)
The cute, young starlets were all in a soft glow.
**The secondary color was the always-you-can-count-on Black! This was the choice of the Legends of the
industry. There were the Sophisticated styles on Meryl Streep, Sophia Loren, Jodie Foster to the gothic
zippered look of Cher.
**The two true color winners for the evening were Purple, #1 as seen beautifully on winner, Sandra Bullock,
and Red, #2, best on Cameron Diaz
*Glitz…..all over metallic beading was there in every metal finish but most dominant in Silver
*Fabrics of choice…….Satin for Shine; Chiffon for femininity
*Earrings…..long, linear looks and large drops; a favorite of mine was Kate Hudson’s Steve Russell Tassels.

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