Chic Happening…..there are some bright spots in retailing

CHIC HAPPENINGS…….There are some bright spots in Retailing!
The Merchandising Star Awards at Hotel ZaZa
Thursday, February 5, 2009, 11:30 a.m.

Yes, these days it’s hard to find a bright spot to talk about in the Retail world, but it’s not all dark and cloudy. In fact, there are some real STARS and they are being recognized by the University of Houston, College of Consumer Science and Technology at their Third Bi-Annual Merchandising Star Awards Luncheon benefiting The Merchandising Star Awards Endowment, which accomplishes many things, not least of which is scholarships for prospective Retail students.

This event is hosted by The University of Houston Merchandise Advisory Board representing many Retailers in the city and is being chaired this year by Philamena Baird and Lou DeLone. It’s emcee, KPRC-TV News Anchor, Dominique Sachse will be presenting awards to the following for their outstanding contributions to the community.

**Target Stores……Retail Innovation
**Roseann Rogers……Media
**Emily Armenta…….Design
**Harris County Judge Ed Emmett…….Community Service
**Amy Mayfield……..EmergingStar; U. of H. Student Scholarship Award

For more information on attending this event, click on to…….

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