CHIC Holiday Gift FIND: Art-ful (Jewelry) Shopping

Occassionally, you see somethig that strikes you as unique, creative, special! Those were the descriptives going through my mind as I recently viewed the extensive collection by jewelry designer, MELISSA BORRELL. This self-taught jewelry designer, who opened a studio in San Francisco in 1999 and then headed south to Houston after completing her RISD degree in 2005…….has a unique approach to design that is clearly her own.

Her distinctive jewelry collections include her Pop-Out Jewelry, which I first viewed and purchased at Kuhl-Linscomb last year. This special cut-out metal jewelry that comes on a form that you “pop-out” to make a necklace, earring, etc…… all Melissa and can be found at local Museum Shops here, Kuhl-linscomb, and her Studio for a complete look at her total collection plus some! (

Another trademark collection for Melissa that I loved was her Bubble Jewelry(not pictured). These metal circles are mounted in a random design to resemble those liquid blow bubbles as they lightly release from your wand! Such fun to see all of her many styles…….it is amazing to see what she can do with metal……photos do not do them justice…….a trip by her studio is a must, she’s usually there but it’s best if you call for an appointment and see the treat that is in store for you!

SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFERING: 15% off all Designs until December 25
Pop-out Designs: Buy 4 at regular price, get 1 FREE

Where can you see it? Melissa Borrell Design Studio
2422 Bartlett St.
Houston, Texas 77098

When can you go by? Studio usually open Mon-Fri. 10-5
best if you call for an appointment

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