CHIC Holiday Gift FIND: Here's a news)FLASH……………..Card that is….HOUSEKEEPER CARDS


If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your Mom, your Daughter, your BFF or any other family or friends that may be experiencing language-anxiety in their home, these practical and innovative cards could be the perfect gift. Frances Moore-Jones of Translated has developed bilingual Housekeeper Cards, with an action picture of the task to be done, that you can review with your housekeeper in English and in Spanish. Frustration for BOTH OF YOU, could be over?! Certainly, learning the language is ideal, but even if your Spanish is perfect, it’s more efficient for both of you to simply use the visuals. This 60-card Basic Edition set has you and your house covered.

Where to buy it?

in HOUSTON……..
*More Than You Can Imagine
*Pickles & Ice Cream
*Post Oak Pharmacy
*River Oaks Bookstore

in AUSTIN……..
*OH BABY! Boutique

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