Did You Hear About The Morgans

Steve’s singing for the Morgans……

In case you haven’t heard…..Steve is singing the lead song in the just released movie,
“Did You Hear About The Morgans” starring Hugh Grant and Sara Jessica Parker.
An awesome fact to know is that the song was written by musical prodigy and son of
the movie’s director, Marc Lawrence. His name is Clyde Lawrence and he is 15 years
old! We saw him perform the song at The Cafe Carlyle recently with Steve and it’s an
amazing collaboration written by an emerging talent.

Steve and Clyde will be on the Today Show with Kathi Lee and Hoda, tomorrow, New Year’s Eve morning. He will be singing “New York is where I live”…….it’s great and available on I-tunes right now!

P.S. Reminder, you can see Steve Tyrell in Houston at the Stafford Centre, January 15 and 16. For details on how to get tickets,
click on to www.staffordcentre.com.

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