Holly Go-lightly….How the Gal Out On the Town Can Dine Wisely!

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Chances are most of our readers have eaten out at least once this week or more, in fact according to Zagat’s 2016 study (https://www.zagat.com/b/the-state-of-american-dining-in-2016), the national average is over 4 times a week! Given all this dining out, it has come to our attention that eating well, and still fitting into your best Little Black Dress (LBD), is something the modern girl’s Holly Golightly might be needing some pointers on. Since I moonlight as a food blogger AND have more than one LBD, i am more than familiar with this plight, and wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you successfully navigate dining out in 2017.
First, choose your cuisine wisely, if you can. Trying to decide what and where to eat? It should be a no-brainer that Japanese cuisine might offer lighter fare than say, Barbecue. That a seafood restaurant might offer lighter fare than a traditional Steakhouse. So when narrowing down your choices for a night out, look for restaurants featuring a cuisine known for not packing a high caloric and fat punch (since as we all know, it’s not only about calories), or that have healthier options on their menus. Do your homework and be prepared BEFORE you go. 
OK, you’ve chosen the restaurant, scoped out the menu and are ready to eat, but hey  everything looks so good that all your preparations went out the window. Have no fear, take a deep breath and try to follow these tips. 
  • Beware of words like: Crispy, Flash-fried, Sauteed. These are all variations of …wait for it…Frying!
  • Look for items grilled, baked, broiled, roasted or braised as these methods usually don’t include added fat. 
  • On the side, Remember Sally Albright from when “Harry Met Sally”? Well she was onto something with her orderingOrder things YOUR WAY and ask for the sauces/dressings on the side. 
  • Skip the bread, go light on the appetizers and starters. I love bread, like LOVE bread. That said the only person who looses by eating a basically a whole meal of carbohydrates before the dinner even starts? Me. 
  • Lean meats is best. If you aren’t up for ordering the king of lean, poultry, and simply must have some steak, go for the leaner cuts like sirloin, flank, or strip; and when ordering steak you can always ask for it dry (which means they don’t add any butter)
  • Portion control. If you live in Houston, you are well aware that yes, everything is bigger in Texas, but it doesn’t mean you have to be. Beware that many restaurant’s serve portions sometimes double and triple what they should be. So don’t be afraid not to finish and this is where sharing comes in handy! Spread those portions around. 
  • Speaking of portion control…Don’t go out to eat starving! Snack before you go. 
  • Your drinks have calories too! What is a night out without a good cocktail, glass of wine or beer? Remember that some of these beautifully crafted cocktails pack quite a calorie count. Try to keep your alcoholic ordering to a low and stick with things you know if you are watching your waistline. 
  • If you simply must indulge your sweet tooth, most restaurants have a sorbet or fresh fruit and cream option over say, a brownie sundae or bread pudding.
While these are all great tips and tricks, sometimes NONE of them work and you just need or want to go for it and eat that delicious “crispy” chicken, cocktail and dessert be damned! Don’t freak out. Just enjoy the meal, don’t beat yourself up and get yourself to the gym the next day.
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