Houstonians Rally to Support Their Own at NY Fashion Week….

Roz Pactor w/Aries Milan and Donae Charmosta w/Cesar Galindo, Photo Compliments of Clifford Pugh and Culture Map

If you were a Houston person of style visiting the big apple last weekend, the place to be for Brunch on Sunday, was the Yotel on 10th Ave. where two home-town Houston favorites, Cesar Galindo and his Collection Czar and Aries Milan, with her collection Kate Kills Pretty were showing their Fall 2012 runway shows at a totally hip brunch. For Aries and her sister August, this was their first entre into NY Fashion Week. It was great fun because the place was right, the clothes were edgy and out there…the crowd was so familiar both with the designers themselves and with each other, that it became a two hour delightful party on a very otherwise bleak Sunday afternoon.

First:  Kate Kills Pretty by Milan sisters, Aries & August

Source of inspiration for this Fall 2012 collection is the modern, independent woman…crossed with a little bit of bad girl—Annie Oakley style. She wants her styles to be unique.  Two of my favorites were the black sequined top and skirt with fringed bottom and complimentary jumpsuit.  Jewelry for the collection was provided by Lauren Craft and accessories (gun holster that can double as a cellphone holder) by Vintage Contessa.  To see complete styles visit, www.katekillspretty.com.

Next:  Czar by Cesar Galindo

Second season for Czar. Inspiration is Gothic Geisha Shadowism! Classic & chic accents in feminine silhouettes.  Lots of layered textures that create optical effects. Touches include metallic accents that outline ornate brocade textiles.  I liked the warm colorations including: chocolate sateen, red berry, smokey chartreuse & vintage lavender.  For more on the collection email sean@bluecashew.com.

Last but not least:  The Houston Team there to cheer them on!

(left, Rebecca Spera and Sabrina Miskelly; on right, Jacy Cooper, Katherine Le, Donae Cangelosi Charmosta & Kristen Cannon)

Not pictured here, but part of this huge group were:   Erica Garza, Lauren Craft, Tiare Milan, Kirby Berry, Clifford Pugh, Emily Davis, Elizabeth Koval, Jennifer James, Lori Frees and Yours Truly!

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