Juicing…A Healthy Way to Start Off 2018


A new year means new resolutions. For many of us that starts with a better diet, more exercise and in our case, juicing. Beth here, and for those not fully well versed in the practice of juicing, the folks over at Juicing for Health have a few tips for beginners.

What exactly is juicing? Juicing first gained notoriety in the 1970’s and generally refers to the extraction juice from fresh fruits and vegetables through squeezing, hand pressing or a juicer.

Whether your hope is boosting your immune system, detoxing after the holidays (don’t worry we are guilty too!), or just getting into shape, we decided to help get your inner juicer in gear, giving you a round up of some of the top juicing/cleanses trending right now and some tips on where to get some of the freshest ingredients in town if you are going to try this on your own.


Duration: 3-5 days
Cost: $99-$119 total
We love this easy to follow and easy to use entry level cleanse that can be started anytime. Each of the three beginner options offers the whole cleanse purchased at once, which is a great way for beginners to get into the juicing game.
Duration: 1,3 and 5 day cleanses
Cost: $75 per day
With options like Green Lemon, D-Tox and The Master (made of lemon, Purified Water, Raw Agave, and Cayenne.), this cleanse aims to reset your system and is the perfect way to kick of 2018.


Duration: 1,2 or 3 days
Cost: $65 per day
Considered one of the classics in juicing, each kit offers two Kale It Ups, Beet Blast, Lemon Reset, Pineapple Power and their signature Nut & Bolt made with roasted cashew, date butter, chia, vanilla, cinnamon
Duration: Varies
Cost: $75 per day
Urban Remedy offers six cleanses, one of the a soup cleanse.  Each of the six cleanses offers six different juices per day and word has it their Glow will actually leave you glowing.
Duration: Varies
Cost: $65 per day
Juice Press also offers a soup cleanse, but most people are fans of their original 6 juices per day cleanse, formerly known as “The Standard”. Offering mid-level sweet green juices, spicy citrus, and coconut milk, this cleanse is easy to follow and easy on the taste buds.



For those looking to customize their own cleanses and juice at home, The Food Network put together this great list to help.  Looking for some of the freshest of the fresh ingredients for making your own from their list? Have no fear, the folks at the following locations below can help you out.
Sprouts Farmers Market – Various locations
Urban Harvest– Saturday’s year round and Wednesday’s resuming in February.
Central Market – This Houston landmark in Highland Village offers a plethora of the freshest of the fresh.
Whole Foods – last but certainly not least, they have a wide selection of made in store to branded blends.


If you are not interested in a full cleanse, and simply don’t have time to juice yourself at home, Houstonian’s are lucky we’ve got some of the following places around town to pick up your daily juice dose.  Even if you sub your coffee here and there (we all cheat a little!), this is still a great way to get your fruit and veggies!

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.46.52 PM
The Heights, 3206 White Oak Drive, 832-433-7831; Montrose, 1340 White Oak Drive, 832-487-9914; Kirby, 5310 Kirby Drive, 832-426-4401
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.45.43 PM

River Oaks, 1909 W Gray St Suite B, 713 239 0780

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.44.48 PM

Greenway Plaza – 3773 Richmond Ave., 713-401-9698

Shop for all your juicing essentials below!