Not AS Many Events but Important Ones……

Kendra Scott gives keynote for Go Red For Women Luncheon…

This week’s look back brings one dominant event to mind.  Kendra Scott who has built her business around making it as good as it can be, taking her family as the important  people that they are to her and the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the customers that have always been so loyal.

This was no exception as she came to the Hotel ZaZa on Wednesday, May 1st to be the keynote speaker for American Heart’s Go Red For Women Luncheon.  She told a very warm, interesting and personal story about her life and her connections to fashion retailing with family, and business photos to enhance her story.  This all lead to a great crescendo when Kendra told the group that she just couldn’t let them leave empty handed and right on cue, numerous waiters in white tuxedo jackets and black tux pants, entered the room carrying trays above their shoulders, gift-wrapped boxes of jewelry in the traditional Kendra Scott yellow with blue ribbon.  The reception to this Oprah-like approach to gift-giving was of sheer delight!  The crowd went wild and stood to their feet to cheer her on……such a great closing to a great speech.

American Heart Association Key Players for the Heart Staff enjoy some fun time after the luncheon meeting with Kendra and her team.

Pop-up shop of Kendra Scott jewelry staffed to sell by her people; Kendra Scott and her team from her Austin corporate offices and Houston management; (the guy in the center is her hubby)

Myra Robinson, Executive Director Houston area; Shelly Millwee, Marketing and Felicia Gann, Senior Director, Community Health; Heart Guild Members, Jackie Collins, Laurie Meredith, Karen Miller, Kendra Scott, Andria Francis, Michelle Eggert, Melissa Sands, and Julie Haralson, Heart Guild President

Roz Pactor w/ Kendra Scott; Ellen Flohr Clarins, Houston Event Coordinator and Roz Pactor

I just happened upon at the Saint Laurent Store in Houston Galleria…

Golden & brown all-over beaded short jacket with complimenting bead trim; the other jacket is the ultimate in femininity in all-over black lace accented with beading and trimmed with black lace ruffles

What a pleasant surprise….I was just at the Houston Galleria and popped in for a moment into the Saint Laurent boutique and there in the store was such a great surprise. Flown in straight from NY and LA, they have in store over 35 runway pieces of the latest Hedi Slimane Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Exclusively bought and highly sought after, this collection will be in store till Sunday night. I highly recommend you check it out as it is an impressive collection and there are so many beautiful and one of a kind pieces.  I was rather in a hurry myself but intend to make it back by there to see each of the pieces much closer to truly appreciate the detail of the collection.  The above is only a slight sampling of what they have in store!  Don’t miss it.

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