Oxford, Bond, Mount Streets……..London, I'm on my!

London……I’m on my way!

I can’t believe that it’s finally here, but we are leaving today for London and I am so excited. It has been far too long since I’ve been to this great city! I am all packed with my planning books( ), my mags (British Vogue, Modern Luxury (this month had some great info on London hoods!), my camera……..got to take lots of street pics and of course, my charge cards…..hear the pound is doing well?!

Of course, I’m heading to Oxford Street, Bond Street and catch all of the biggies like Top Shop, Harrod’s, Selfridge’s, Harvey Nichols and even Boots and more I’m sure. However, I’m most excited about discovering lots of hidden treasures in the small, quaint out-of-the way places that I hope to just happen upon.

Stay tuned……..my plan is to blog about any extremely hip, wonderful things that I find on my journey, so please stay tuned and keep Texas nice ‘n hot for me when I return next week. (thought I’d give you something easy that I knew you could make happen!?!)

Photo: Ian Britton

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