Rodeo Chic…….the perfect bag!

RODEO CHIC……. a perfect bag!

It’s that time of year when the local fashionistas step it up in all of their finest Western Wear……and from what I’ve seen of the style-setters out at the Rodeo, there doesn’t seem to be a thing that they need or want?! However, Kelly Anzillotti of Kelly K. Handbag Designs has created her collection of hands-free handbag pouches. This functional and ever so stylish bag is just the right size to hold your blackberry, (you must stay connected); your favorite lipstick hues (you must be kissable) and of course, for you serious Rodeo-goers, a place to show off that Badge…….all the while leaving your hands totally available to give Texas hugs to your favorite committee members. These are only two samples of the many assorted Rodeo Handbags and Pouches that Kelly has designed.

Prices vary……but pouches are around $160 and bags vary by material and size………all at a recession-friendly range for Kelly’s expert craftsmanship and quality materials.

Kelly’s collection of hands-free pouches and other Rodeo bags are available by emailing her at or dialing her number….(713) 682-9995.

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