Self-Love: It’s not a dirty word, we promise!

Today we have Beth Levine back, talking about a hot topic out there: self love. We think you’ll love her thoughts on the matter, as much as we do. Have a great rest of your Sunday!


When we were younger it was so easy. A girls getaway. A girls night out. Time for you, putting yourself first, doing what you want to do. Then we got older…college, career, family…all the things we strive for, work so hard for. Beautiful, magical, wonderful things, yet things with obligations all the same. Wish lists get replaced with Task lists and suddenly to put yourself first seems not only impossible, but sadly, also somewhat selfish and in the middle of what we call “middle age”, I find myself asking when did Self-Love become such a dirty word?

I decided to take a quick look around my circle of friends for some answers before zeroing in on myself (save the best for last right lol?). Much like Houston itself, my carefully cultivated group of women friends is eclectic, multi-cultural, hot (double entendre intended) and runs the gamut age wise. Just too name a few…there’s the ingenue just on the cusp of her 30’s: single, seeking adventure yet also wanting to settle down and raise a family stuck between the two The artist: full of fervor and passion and a zest for life you wish you could bottle and sell, constantly spinning on her axis. The single mom in her 40’s: taking care of her son comes first, yet still wanderlust lives in her drivers seat, steering her soul. A sister: retired from a lifetime of investment banking, now making practicing the art of Self-Love and Self-Care into a full time business.
What do they all have in common? They all make a conscious effort to make themselves a priority. They also all bear the brunt of society’s double edged sword when women put themselves first. The single mother has had her fair share of family and friend guilt wielded in her direction for her summer’s spent traveling abroad (even I have stalked her instagram feed with a twinge of jealousy). The artist is always being told she is bossy, type A, or her favorite “aggressive”. My sister has spent many a day defending her choices in spending money (her own hard earned money I might add) on skincare, salon visits and vacations.
I turned 45 this past weekend, (if you follow any of my other blog entries, you know this already as it is literally all I have been talking about for months) and one of the hardest struggles I had over it was that I had not done all the things I wanted to do by the time I turned 45; and the realization that I was what was standing in my way. That I needed relearn what I had unlearned. That it was not just alright to put myself first, but vitally essential to my self growth as a woman and that I was not alone in this. There was a tribe of women, sisters, and friends out there with me. That as women we spend so much time as caretakers, we forget to take care of the caretaker. Taking care of yourself can be as simple as creating a sacred space in your home just for you, signing up for a workshop or class, taking up writing again for a local blog (shameless self promotion plug alert!) or even something as big as taking a vacation by yourself (there are entire sites dedicated to women conquering the fear of traveling alone). So whether it’s making time for a mani-pedi, sitting down in your sacred space with a glass of wine to read your favorite blog, signing up for a workshop or planning a long overdue girls trip…remember that practicing the art of Self-Love is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. So get out there and start giving!

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