Sleep (and Dream) Better with the Remee Sleep Mask


Sleep masks are very common, but one of our interns, Brooke, recently told us about the Remee Sleep Mask, which seems different from any average sleep mask. This one was designed to help with dreams by using “gentle, customizable light signals, which increases dream recall and vividness, all while helping unlock the world of lucid dreaming.”  It will target your REM cycles where dreams most often occur. It’s also apparently very comfortable with 2 layers of  foam inserts that allow for better airflow, reducing heat and sweat, and, of course, with adjustable straps. Coming in 5 colors, it will run for about 6 months, and the battery is only $1 to replace. If you’re looking to sleep and dream better, and actually remember those dreams, this might be for you! You can read more about the Remee Sleep Mask here.





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