Steve Tyrell Update

Steve Tyrell Update………

So, you’ve been asking what my bro has been up to of late…….?!!

First, it’s That Time of the Year again……Steve is readying to open at the Carlyle for his
holiday stint there. He opens on November 10 thru December 31st and they are already
taking reservations for the shows. I’m looking forward to this one myself…….nothing better
than NYC in December and Steve’s shows in that iconic room makes the season bright!!!
(cliche I know, but if you’re headed that way, don’t miss it!)

Then, there is Rod Stewart’s newest CD, just released this week……Soulbook, co-produced by Steve. Rod has never sounded better, the songs are those great ones we all danced to and the guest performances from many of the super-stars of Soul, Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson make it a collector’s piece as soon as it hit the air-waves.

Last but certainly not least around here, our uber-home-style guru, Bill Stubbs, is back on PBS with his marvelous TV show, Moment of Luxury, airing on Saturday afternoons. In case, you haven’t noticed, that’s Steve singing the title song at the beginning of each show.
When back in Houston area to perform? January 15,16 at the Stafford Centre, great venue with over 1,000 seats…..all great, no bad seats here. When you call the box office to make your reservations for Steve’s performance, please be sure to say that you desire a contribution from each ticket be made to Italian American Sports Association…….Steve would love it!

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