Think Pink for Spring

feature thevivaluxury2The many shades of Pink are very much on the fashion radar buzz these days . As shown above from the softest tones of blush and pale pink to the most bold of hot pink, wearing this family of color is all the rage and reflects the beauty of Spring like no other.

Photo courtesy of : The Vivaluxury

Not one that has considered myself to be a “Pink Person” I must say that I’m feeling it this season…….always a big fan of blush, which I always have associated from my past to Donna Karan, it has reached out to me and I will be wearing it.  Below are a lot but really just a sampling of all of the pink that is out there from the runway to the street and in retail stores in between. Everyone should plan a pink purchases in Spring 2017!


Photo Courtesy of : Ohh Couture


Photo Courtesy of : Caroline Herrera


Photo Courtesy of : Atlantic-Pacific


Photo Courtesy of: The Business of Fashion


Photo Courtesy of : Jai-by-Joshua.tumblr



Photo Courtesy of : Mytheresacom.tumblr





Photo Courtesy of: The Vivaluxury



Photo Courtesy of: The Business of Fashion


 Photo Courtesy of : The Livingly


Photo Courtesy of : The Berry



Photo Courtesy of : Classichermesfashion.tumblr

The Artist, Mark Rothko, a personal favorite of mine, illustrates  this color idea the best in one of his works shown below


Photo Courtesy of : ArtFinder

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