H-Town’s Own Mad Men Connection….Eric Ladin!

Eric: Moods of Norway Suit & Prada shoes; Katy: Vintage skirt paired w/Prada sweater, Gucci shoes, handbag by Kitson, Jewelry from Chloe

For those of you that can remember, as it feels like years since we last saw it, we were all very proud and a little in awe of one of Houston’s former residents and now a very active working actor in L. A., Eric Ladin, who did some cameo roles on Mad Men as Betty’s (January Jones) brother, William Holfstadt, when the series last aired.

I caught up with this busy guy for a quick chat on just what he was feeling having gone to the Mad Men Season 5 Premier recently with his wife, also from Houston, former Katy Hull, aspiring fashion stylist to the stars in Hollywood….and of course, what a fashionable couple they made on that Red Carpet. Check out their photo above and see just what this very fashion-right couple wore on the Carpet!

I asked Eric to reflect on his Mad Men days and tell me what it was really like to be a part of such a groundbreaking series.  Here are a few of his comments.

TCS: Which Mad Men character left the most lasting impression on you? Why?

EL: I would say Don. Jon(Hamm) and I worked together quite a bit and got to know each other. He is someone I admire, not only in his work but also his work ethic. It is wonderful to see all of the success he is having and whenever we do get to see each other, it’s great to catch up.

TCS: What were those herbal cigarettes like?

EL: TERRIBLE, yet I suppose it’s better than smoking real cigarettes!

TCS: Given your work on the Emmy recognized series, The Killing, now will you be able to do any more cameo spots on Mad Men?

EL: I would love to go back to Mad Men. I loved the show, I enjoyed my character and working for Matt is always a pleasure.

Eric can be seen starting in a few weeks, as a regular on the series, The Killing, also for AMC, where he plays Jamie Wright on this gripping drama that premiered last year and is back for a second season.

The good news for TV watchers is that if you’re like our house and Sunday nights is that night of the week that you can actually sit and enjoy TV, the night will be packed with some compelling shows to watch and you don’t even have to change the channel.  The Killing which premiers as a two-hour season opener on April 1st at 8/7c on AMC, will air on the same channel immediately before Mad Men each Sunday night.

For more info on Eric and what all he is up to, which is usually quite a lot for this super busy guy, click on to his website at www.ericladin.com or follow on twitter @ericladin.

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