3 Word Rule When Planning Outfits (via Who What Wear)


You know those mornings when you wake up and you just cannot figure out what on earth to wear? Or when you stare blankly at all your clothes in your closet, with no inspiration whatsoever to get dressed for a night out? We’ve all been there.

WELL, we stumbled upon a great tip via Who What Wear, and we can’t wait to implement this strategy into our own outfit planning. It’s called the ‘3 Word Rule.’

Here’s how it works. Pick the 3 words (out of the list Who What Wear provides) that best describe your style. Now, use those 3 words whenever you are picking out an outfit to wear. It helps streamline your personal style and makes it easier to figure out what to wear, no mater where you’re going.


 Image via Who What Wear

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