Dr. Angela Talks About Trends In Facial Beauty Procedures


The New Year is a time for reflecting then looking to the future and making plans.  Dr. Angela here, and by looking at the trends, we have an idea of what is working, what people like and treatments that might be of interest to you!


Last year, we saw more and more people getting Botox.  The treatment was up 15%! This simple and preventative treatment, not only helps smooth forehead lines that we are not crazy about, but can help prevent them from forming, becoming deeper or becoming etched into the skin.  Therefore, we have seen younger people who are interested in getting Botox.  The perfect time to do it is when you start to still see the line even when your face is at rest, but before it becomes etched into the skin.  This age can vary from person to person.


Microneedling grew significantly in popularity, by 85%!   In this procedure, a roller or pen is used to apply very small needles to specific depths to stimulate collagen production, skin turnover and resorption of pigmentation.  This also allows products or substances to penetrate the deeper layers and help the health of the skin that would normally be too large to get through our natural defense layer.  By adding these products, like growth factors or platelet rich plasma, you can boost the effectiveness of the treatment.  Although in fairness, the improvement in skin with microneedling using PRP vs without is equivocal in the studies.


Hair restoration has become much more common!  As our techniques have improved the recovery is much, much easier and the time to return to work and social activities is much faster!  Also, the “take rate” or percentage of hair that is transferred that will continue to grow is significantly higher with newer techniques.  For example, with follicular unit extraction and expert handling of the follicles 95% or more will grow!  With these improvements, more men and in particular more women are interested in the procedure.


Social media has made nose reshaping, particularly by nonsurgical means, very popular.  It is much easier to video an injection in the office and post it on Instagram than an entire rhinoplasty.  In certain patients, nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be an answer.  However, you should consult with a rhinoplasty expert (someone who does rhinoplasty as more than 50% of their practice) before making this decision.  Nonsurgical rhinoplasties are temporary.  The filler lasts about 9-12 months, depending on your metabolism for the filler.  There are limitations to what can be done with the filler because you are adding to the nose that you have.  Certain changes are difficult, if not impossible with filler alone.  Also, filler must be done extremely carefully in the nose.  There are a large number of vessels that if the filler is injected into or a large amount of filler is injected and the vessel is compressed, this can compromise the skin on the nose.  The skin can become dusky or not be viable.  This is the worst case scenario and the treatments for it can be long and difficult.  So, if you are considering this, make sure you go to a physician that is very familiar with the anatomy of the nose.

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