Brrhhh…How I Like to Keep Warm, The Chic European Way

Screenshot 2018-01-12 13.34.00Lovin’ this photo of Meghan Markle fighting off the bitter cold of England while keeping her chic modern look…..the key is the scarf and how you wrap it! 

Having spent as much time as possible in Europe of late, there is one thing that makes the European women’s  style stand out to me is their use of Scarves as their number one accessory. No matter the season, time of day or apparel choices, it appears to be the one thing they never leave home without!   Where it is obvious both seasons, it is particularly dominant during the cold fall and winter months.  It may be out of necessity because I also find it in NYC as well, where there is more foot traffic than car traffic for individuals, as we have in many of our cities. Women that must walk a distance before getting to their destination, even in bitter cold are faced with ways to keep warm.  Let’s face it, as my dear Grandmother used to say, “if your neck is warm your whole body feels warm”.

So as we all bundle up for this weekend of cold, I thought I would share with you some inspirational photos from Florence where in October it was very cold. You will see females as well as males plus, one adorable little girl in Siena who I could not resist……are keeping warm while never giving up style!

IMG_8926From the streets of Siena, a very casual approach….completing her puffer vest, sweater and jean look

IMG_8927 From the streets of Florence:  a male interpretation of the simple wrap

IMG_7291My favorite from the Streets of Siena was this adorable little girl who proves it’s part of her DNA in Italy to start young wearing her scarf just the right way…..such a chic toddler!

Screenshot 2018-01-10 13.26.23From shopping in Florence: The windows of Zara features ‘my color’ and completing each outfit a scarf wrapping in many different ways


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