Dr. Angela’s Tips on Caring for Fall Skin

fall facial skincare

From Dr. Angela….Tips on Changing your Skin Care routine for Fall…..

As we are approaching our first few weeks of cooler weather and not really accustomed to dealing with our skin during these ‘cooler, dryer’ days, Dr. Angela has provided us with some tips on how to hydrate and keep the glow coming as we approach our fall/winter season.

We can feel that our skin changes with the seasons, but how do we change our skin care to accommodate for that?  We are lucky in Houston, that winter is really mild and not a huge change; however, it usually isn’t quite as humid and the temps are a bit bearable.  This is great for actually being able to enjoy going outside and our wardrobes, but not as great for our skin.

Since the air is a bit drier, we need to moisturize more, especially at night.  The majority of moisture loss happens at night.  So, get a night cream that is thicker and a bit heavier. Something like SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair is good for dry skin.  If you tend to break out, you may opt for a dry oil, like Jenetiqa’s  Night Beauty, instead.

Reduce or stop drying products.  You may consider reducing the strength of your retinol or retin-A or reducing the number of nights a week that you use it.  These are amazing products, but can make your skin extra dry.

Add a lightening product. If you have been in the sun this summer, or just can’t help it because you live in Houston, you may want to add a product to treat any sun damage or sun spots from the summer.  Hydroquinone is the gold standard and requires a prescription, but there are other options like Kojic Acid, Lytera from SkinMedica, or C-Bright Serum from ZO.  In addition to brightening, vitamin C can help protect your skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun, so it’s good to have in your regimen all the time!  Look for a concentration of 10% or more or it will have a hard time penetrating the skin.

Protect your skin! Even if it’s not as sunny outside, remember your sun protection.  The UVA and UVB rays can still cause aging and sun damage.  So, continue to use your combo sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and sunblock with titatium or zinc every day!

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