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face-maskNo fuss, no mess, make sheet masks perfect for on the go or at home! 

Nicole here today, and I just came back from a trip to California and it made me appreciate Houston’s humidity. I’m not lying! You see, humidity keeps skin hydrated and it was rather dry and windy when I was there a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I never travel without an on-the-go arsenal of beauty products to keep a “celebrity glow” even as I step out of the plane.  One of my favorite things to take with me on work trips and vacations are face, eye and lip masks. Face masks have recently been trending and are inspired by the Korean beauty sheet mask treatments. I’ve also noticed useful pods filled with everything from brightening to plumping formulas that are easy to toss in your purse for an on the go beauty treatment after the gym. The best part of all these face masks I found are their convenient mess-free packaging which makes it ideal for travelling and for pampering on-the go.

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Firm Lover Rubber Mask Skin Treats To Go

This two-step face mask by Dr.Jart is great to combat redness, loss of elasticity and dullness on the go. This treatment includes a concentrated serum and rubber mask which wraps perfectly around your face for maximum absorption. This mask (which I haven’t tried but I’m convinced needs to be in my travel bag) immediately firms and hydrates the skin for baby-butt skin.

Patchology SMARTMUD Mask

This is one of the best sheet masks inventions ever: a mess-free sheet mud mask! Clay masks can be super messy and tedious to take off but this one detoxifies with mineral rich volcanic ash. It leaves your skin with a youthful glow and is great for dry, oily or combination skin. Active ingredients include Kaolin clay, activated charcoal and hydrolyzed collagen which plumps your skin.

Sephora Sleeping Masks

If you don’t have time to sit around for 15 minutes for your face mask to dry then why not put one on when you’re sleeping? These are great to take in your bag when you’re on a trip or vacation especially because you’ll beautify your skin while you sleep (no vacation time wasted!). These are available in 11 different formulas at Sephora but pictured here is the algae sleeping mas which is great for detoxifying and removing impurities from your skin.

Shiseido Mask

Whenever I hear one of my beauty products has retinol, my ears perk up! Retinol is that magical ingredient that fights wrinkles and breakouts without drying out your skin like a teenager. This mask delivers an anti wrinkle and moisturizing serum that promises noticeable results after one use. You can use this mask 2-3c weeks but retinol does make your skin more sensitive to the sun so remember to wear sunscreen during the day.

SK II Facial Treatment Mask

The first sheet mask I ever tried was this one and it’ still the best one I’ve used to this date. I love to pack it when I’m going to a wedding or conference and I wear it the night before. Usually, these masks, and especially this one, have leftover serum in the pack and when you take off the mask which you rub into your skin right before bedtime.

Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Masks

Every mom or busy gal needs these eye gel masks. You can even wear them when dropping off your kids at school or on your way to the office. These power eye gels go under your eyes (I put mine in the fridge and they’re cold when ready to wear) and fight puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles with one application. Can you believe they’re infused with a 24 Karat Gold Serum?

Lip Mask

If you love lipstick and experience feathering, these lip masks might be the ones for you! The formula in these lip-shaped gels contains rose flower oil, cherry extract and Vitamin E smooth and soften the driest of lips. Think of these lip gels as a primer before lipstick. These gels condition and hydrate dry lips and even plumps them a little with collagen.

Cucumber Slice Mask

One of the most aesthetically pleasing mask of the whole bunch, these slices look just like cucumbers and have the same soothing & hydrating effects. These TENCEL® fibers slices are made from eucalyptus tree and their individual presentation makes it perfect to treat targeted areas of the face or body.

So which mask will you choose? I think it’s useful to keep a drawer with a variety of masks for different needs. I also love that these masks are convenient and one-time use and you are not committed to use a whole jar. Remember to keep these on the go beauty treatments in mind when packing for your next vacation, the gym or on a night out with friends and you want to wake up refreshed and glowing.

Feature image borrowed from blog.uniqso.com

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