Golden Globes Fashion Review….It Was a Black-out With a Message

      * feature...GG2018-OprahOprah’s acceptance speech last night at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards certainly got every one’s attention and was an award winner in itself.  They listened, they cheered and some wept, not just for her winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award but also for the bigger message as only she can deliver, of what the evening was about....TIMES UP Movement and the empowerment of women in Hollywood and elsewhere that called on the fashion of the evening to support their message.

I always look forward to the Golden Globe Awards as it is the kickoff of awards show glam for the season and is always a fun party that Hollywood puts on for itself. That was not the case last night. Hollywood ladies, mostly dressed in BLACK to show their solidarity were there to spread the word to their industry and to all fields that  time was up for women in Hollywood and elsewhere to be victims of inequality and sexual harassment. They would no longer be silenced. Last night was certainly proof of that. It remains to be seen, its impact on the remaining award season.

We had been warned ahead of time that there was going to be a shift in Hollywood Awards Shows as we had known them. The Red Carpet would not be about “what designer they were wearing”  but that they would be asked “why they were wearing black”?!  I’ve never seen an award show that was so energized both on the carpet and inside by women who could not wait to have their turn to speak their mind and show not only unity but a true love and compassion for each other and for all of the millions of women of all ages,  watching the telecast. As Oprah so adamantly said in her amazing speech….a new era was coming due to the power of the women in that room and around the globe. The MeToo movement was unveiling last night, the TimesUp Movement that was a fund developed aimed at assisting low income women and men who have been victims of sexual harassment and/or racial or gender inequality. In fact, the  fund has been set up and they quoted last night had already raised $13 million since January 1… would be amazing to see what the results are today.

About the Fashion… someone who has a great appreciation for the sophistication of wearing black, I found many great fashions that I would love to wear. Overall, there were underlying trends…..Lace, mostly with Sheer and Velvet were the fabric textures of the evening. If anything was added it was usual in beading of same color, contrast but usually in a silver tone for blitz to the dresses.  The attention to beautiful, awesome jewelry was very prevalent….Emeralds won for the touch of color that many women chose, particularly at the ear. Diamonds in a subtle, understated way looked so glamorous and not over-the-top but then that was very much the tone of the evening.

Below are some of my favorites…..

*GG2018-Nicole Kidman in GivenchNicole Kidman in Givenchy….could not find a back view but it was stunning from behind!

*Helen Mirren_Viola DavisHelen Mirren in Zuhiar Murad and  Viola Davis in Brandon Maxwell…both women wore very different but glamorous diamonds at the neck and ear.

threeAngelina Jolie in Atelier Versace and Jessica Biel in Dior couture, embracing the sheer trend.

1Penelope Cruz in lace and sheer Ralph Russo and Sally Hawkins in Dior

fiveDakota Johnson in one of my favorites of the evening from Gucci….with a back more interesting than the front!

*GG2018-Margot Robbie in GucciMargot Robbie in another stunning embellished Gucci

*Savirse Roman in Atelier Versace

Savirse Roman in Atelier Versace…..many ladies wore a touch of shine/glitz to their gowns and almost always was in silver as shown above and below.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 08.13.12Mary J. Blige in Alberta Ferretti

**2GG2018-Tracee Ellis Ross in Marc JacobsjpgTracei Lee Ross in Marc Jacobs

oneSarah Paulsen and Millie Bobby Brown both in Calvin Klein

 2Jessica Chastain in  Armani Prive and in a sleek pantsuit from Stella McCartney is Clare Foy

*GG2018-Christina Fredericks in Cristian SirianoChristina Hendricks in Christian Siriano

Understated and simple….Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent with amazing emerald earrings and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dior coutureUnderstated and simple, Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent with amazing emerald earrings and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dior Couture two

 Understate and simply elegant….Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent with amazing emerald earrings and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dior Couture

Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas wear the Time's Up pin.Kevork Djansezian:NBC:NBCU Photo Bank:Getty; Neilson Barnard:NBCUniversal:NBCU Photo Bank:GettyJustin Timberlake and Nick Jonas, two of many men wearing the Time’s Up pin

The guys showed their support through wear their black tux, as usual but also many of the many chose black shirts as well this year. For them it was all about the accessory of the evening for Men…..Time’s Up Pin

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