Happy 2018 But First A Look Back at A Year Houston Will Never Forget


First of all, to those of you that I haven’t reached thru other media, I want to say Happy New Year and wish you all happiness, good health and much prosperity as you approach 2018. We took off for the holiday to recharge our batteries and unfortunately for me, as so many of you, I ended up getting the inevitable cold that has been so hard to shake off that it’s slowed me down a bit, but we’re back!

I don’t know about others but one of my favorite things about facing a new year is to carve out  a moment in time to take a deep breath and  look back at the year we are leaving.  I am one of those that reads or watches every recap at this time of year in amazement of all that we were a part of, that enforces for me the challenge of developing my goals to move forward by taking a quick look at the past.

In a city of as much diversity as Houston, it is most interesting to take a look back at 2017, a year in our town that will never be forgotten as one of the most unique years in our history.  It was a year of the highest highs to the darkest lows and then back up again.  After all, how many cities can say that they hosted one of the greatest Super Bowl games of all time, followed, unfortunately, by one of the worst and most devastating floods ever only to bounce back to support and live through more great games that won for Houston, it’s first World Series!  Also, as I was reminded yesterday, let’s not forget our day of snow!

The following are some of the highlights of the year that we here at My Red Glasses and many of you lived through with us. I hope you enjoy taking a look with us one last time as we get ready to “knock it out of the ballpark in 2018” (literally, maybe….could we do that twice?!). Also, since it’s a little lengthy, a lot happened here last year, I did not include the fashion trend impact on the year but stay tuned that will be coming shortly as I help you to ready your closets for Spring and share with you very soon exactly what trends will linger and what’s new for 2018!

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