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dc82db0fb6d5528ac3671f2ba7df0583The chunky embellished heel is hot hot hot for the fall! You can find great styles at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Tootsies and more! Image courtesy of: Memorandum 

High heels are universally flattering and are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Whether for work, a date night or black tie wedding, there will likely be an occasion in your life where you will need a pair of heels. (Even if you love flat shoes like I do, heels are a must.)

From embellishments to velvet to funky prints, heels are anything but boring this season. It’s Alyssa here and I’m chatting about the hottest heel trends for fall. Keep reading for some of our favorite heel trend inspiration and shop styles that are in stores now!


Studs, crystals, pearls, patches, and embroidery are just some of the embellishments you will find on heels!

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Statement Heels

Whether its a pop of color or an actual statement “heel,” be bold! There are so many fun options, it’s hard to choose!

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Kitten Heels

Long are the days of the sky-high pump. The kitten heel is the happy medium between comfort and chic!

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The fabric of 2017! Velvet heels are by far my favorite take on this trend and they are perfect for the fall and holiday season.

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Prints and Patterns

Floral, leopard and stripes are just a few of the prints that dominated the Fall 2017 runways!

printsChic Me // Pinterest

Ankle Wrap

The ankle wrap adds instant elegance to any outfit! They are best worn with dresses or skirts so that you show them off. Bonus – they also make your ankles look skinny!

ankle wrap
Moooh // Like to Know It

My favorite heels I’m eyeing!


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