How to Look Fab-U-Lash This Holiday Season


Nicole here today, I tried lash extensions for the first time 5 years ago and it was life-changing to my whole getting ready in the morning routine. I saved so much time in the morning applying and reapplying mascara. Beyonce’s song lyrics “I woke up like this,” finally made sense to me. Queen Bey must have had lash extensions and felt this beautiful! Ha! Back then, lash extensions were pricier and new in the scene. Through the years, I’ve discovered more alternatives to glamourous lashes, even a new service which brings the lashes to you! I swear by glam lashes to look prettier, feel more confident and really pull together your whole make-up look. Here are some options you can consider to give your holiday look the ultimate glam touch with bombshell lashes.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the most wonderful solution for any woman who wants to look put together and glamorous at all times especially during this season full of holiday parties. The initial lash application does take two hours and you have to lie down for the whole two hours but once the two hours are up, it’s a total make-over. They last for weeks if you don’t rub them or apply any oil based cleansers on them. Prices for these lashes range from anywhere between $100 and $300. Lash refills are necessary every 3 or 4 weeks at about $50-$80. I’ve tried The Lash Company on Kirby Drive and Amazing Lash Studio which has various Houston franchises and they’ve both done an amazing job on applying my lashes. XTreme Lashes is also another company which I’ve heard excellent review on.

This new service called EYELASHR we still haven’t tried at My Red Glasses but they sound fabulous. I think this new at-home service sounds great for the busy mom or any person in Houston who doesn’t want to deal with traffic or parking! They’ll actually come to your home, office or hotel room to apply them and their prices start at $99. Their hours are incredibly convenient starting at 6am and ending at 11PM which is a stretch since most lash extension business close at 6PM or 7PM. If you’re worried about who will be visiting you in your space, these lash stylists are certified, background checked and thoroughly vetted. I think this is the ultimate celebrity experience!

sherryslfe.comSelf Applied Lashes

One of my favorite things to do nowadays is to buy drugstore lashes for less than $5 a pair. They are reusable and if you take care of them, you can use them up to 5 times! Of course, you need the skills and patience to learn how to put them on but even me, as a beauty blogger, went on YouTube to learn how and now I put them on by myself. I recommend Ardell or Andrea brand lashes. And Dallas-based video blogger Courtney Kerr has an amazing tutorial which helped me learn the easiest way to apply them.



Fantasy Lashes

Now if you’re way more adventurous in the lash department or have a themed New Year’s Eve party or gala- fantasy lash creations could be your pick. Lash strips and lash extensions with feathers, Swarovski crystals or gold could add that bold finishing touch to your outfit. I’ve tried strip lashes with crystals and I love how they make your gaze super sparkly at the flash of a camera. On my list to try: strip lashes with neon pink lash inserts. Have you tried any lashes that are really “out there”?

Which glam lash look would you be willing to try? I’m looking forward to trying the Uber for lashes because as a new mom I can totally appreciate an in home service that brings the glam to me!

You can shop some of my lash recommendations below!


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