Jenetiqa, The Luxury Skincare Collection, Aims to Assist With Problem Areas

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When discussing anti-aging, which is forefront of concern for all of us at every age these days, the one area that has moved to the front burner for many of us is an area that many women have not given the same amount of attention to as their face and that is the NECK.  Not only does the neck go through the same wear and tear as the face but in many cases it is the first area of the body to show signs of aging. The main reason for that is not only neglect but also is the result of gravity and even sun damage as we all have a tendency to under-protect that area as compared to our face and décolleté . There are many other reasons that we don’t think of that can cause wrinkles and sagging of the neck, such as  that lack of oil glands in that area that can cause dryness and just simple actions such as twisting, turning and sleep habits, not to mention our increased use of mobile devices and how that causes constant looking down…all actions that we do daily that can accentuate the problem.

However, there’s not a need to buy a wardrobe of turtlenecks just yet. Christiane Waldron,  chemical engineer by trade and founder of Jenetiqa Cosmetics has a new set of products from her Signature Collection that I have been using for a couple of  months now, that has shown signs of improvement for me and that I would suggest a try…..see product details below.

IJenetiqa Neck SerumMG_0079Step 1 – ABSOLUTE LIFT – NECK SERUM

ABSOLUTE LIFT is a waterless neck and chest serum that is formulated with clinically proven Lupeol (Collganeer), an ingredient proven to help quickly improve collagen and elastin production which in turn tightens and lifts the neck and chest areas. Christiane has also added Retinol, the premier anti-aging ingredient that helps reveal a new skin and brighter complexion.

IJenetiqa Neck CreamStep 2 – HY-LIFT NECK CREAM

HY-LIFT NECK CREAM: Christiane believes that no skin can look healthy without good moisture. Sometimes, the neck and décolleté areas are forgotten, as we mentioned above, so Jenetiqa has created this duo regime where these two products help that area retain its bounce. Hy-Lift is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, its creamy formula goes on silky smooth and helps plum, moisturize and repair the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté areas. These products can be used separately but also work very well together to help smooth the neck and chest are and help accelerate cellular renewal.

These two products as a duo have been working great for my neck area…..the message here is simple, do not forget your NECK in your anti-aging ritual….it’s an obvious target for your attention and needs a lot of moisture and its own products to help in the process.  These products can be purchased directly from here by clicking on the names of the products above or by visiting to also see many of the other products that Christiane Waldron and her team have created for you!

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