What’s New In Fitness?

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With summer right around the corner, we hope you are getting into shape with the help of some of these new gyms featured in our recent round up (click here). Beth here and as promised, we also put together a follow up list of some of the fitness trends that have been gaining popularity so far in 2018.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


What is it? High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), relies on alternating short periods of intense physical activity with less intense recovery periods. During the training, short bursts of high-intensity exercises are followed by a brief low-intensity activity, then repeat. Although there is no universal duration for a session, these intense workouts typically last under 30 minutes and are designed to provide improved athletic conditioning and an intense calorie burn.

Where can you do it? Empower Fitness Lab290 FitnessOrange Theory Fitness. Or check out a whole bunch with class pass.

Group Training 


What is it? Well this one is pretty much exactly like it sounds. Group training or Group fitness as it is sometimes called is a great way to find motivation and accountability, while working with a trainer in a group versus the traditional one on one session(s). The group fitness environment provides many of the benefits of personal training without the higher end costs and can also create an intense camaraderie among member

Where can you do it?  F3 Cross TrainingStudio FitnessBody 3 Fit


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What is it? Cryotherapy is the medical term when all or part of the body is subjected to extremely cold temperatures, as low as minus 110 degrees Celsius for Whole-Body Cryotherapy. This extreme exposure to cold is credited with being able to treat tissue damage, reduce inflammation, improve skin tone and even increase cell rejuvenation, reducing some of the signs of aging.

Where can you do it? There are actually quite a few places around town that offer this, so here are a few to get you started.

Where can you do it? CryoTexasArctic Healing CryoCry RecoveryiCryo

Virtual Reality Workouts


What is it? No, it’s not The Matrix, but its close! In a Virtual Reality workout, the user downloads an app that contains a library of settings in a game like design for them to choose from that are intended to allow the user to break away from the more traditional and sometimes monotonous exercise routine. This trend isn’t cheap as it requires using a Virtual Reality headset and a pretty penny for the equipment to go with it.

Where can you do it? Well before you take such a big plunge, we think you should check this list out from Forbes.

Wearable Technology


What is it? To round out our list, here is a more affordable tech trend.  Wearable tech is described as fashionable technology designed as a wearable, smart devices. These devices can track several aspects of your fitness and wellness regime and help you keep on track and stay motivated for almost every fitness level.

Where can you get it? There is a lot of wearable tech on the market right now. These are some of our top picks – Scosche Rythym 24Fitbit Versa SmartwatchBellabeat Heart MonitorSpireMotiv.

Images borrowed from Wareable, Conductor, Cryo Recovery, F3 Cross Training

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