Zac Posen Dazzles the Houston Crowd Showing His Newest Fall Collection for Best Dressed

1B6A5972 (1)Designer Zac Posen flanked by this year’s honorees at Best Dressed Luncheon benefiting March of Dimes.  The Honorees are:  Isabel David, Laura Davenport, Gayla Gardner, Millette  Sherman, Susan Sarofim, Rosemary Schatzman, Mary Tere Perusquia, Sipi Khurana, Winell Herron and Stephanie Cockrell, Sarofim, Schatzman and Perusquia were entering as Hall of Famers.

Houston’s Best Dressed Luncheon Benefiting March of Dimes

The Neiman Marcus/Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Luncheon is always a ‘not to be missed’ gathering for the stylish crowd in Houston as it is sure to kick off the Spring season’s fashions.  Everyone dresses in their newest, finest season-forward looks and are in attendance to support and cheer on their stylish, philanthropic friends as they parade the runway and give to the MOD, a very worthy cause!  Also a favorite of this fashion event, this year chaired by Dr. Yvonne Cormier, is who Neiman’s brings for the runway part of the show and of course, this year, Houston favorite, Zac Posen, filled the bill just right!

Below is a sampling of some of the honorees as they were announced by Houston Chronicle’s Chairman, Jack Sweeney and Fashion and Beauty Editor, Joy Sewing. Also just a few fun pics of the crowd that loved being there to support their friends!

Best-Dressed-1Isabel David and Susan Sarofim

Best-Dressed-2Rosemary Schatzman and Laura Davenport

*1B6A5928The Honorees of the Day with Houston Chronicle, Jack Sweeney, Neiman Marcus General Manager, Bob Devlin, and Chairman of the event, Yvonne Cormier

Best-Dressed-3On left: Kelli Fine, Michelle Smith, Millette Sherman, Jill Faucetta, Bethany and Gina Gaston; to the right are: Alexandra Knight, Greggory Burke, Stephanie Cockrell, Lisa Holthouse

Best-Dressed-4Yours truly and Janet Gurwitch, Chairman Yvonne Cormier with ‘Mr.’ Best Dressed & crowd-pleaser, in head-to-toe Gucci, Ceron plus beautiful mother-daughter duo, Kristen Nix and Sheridan Williams

Best-Dressed-5Zac Posen with the lovely Lynn Wyatt, who hosted him to an intimate dinner in her home the evening before, which he loved chatting about in our interview….sounded divine, of course…..and Millette Sherman and Zac just looking happy!

Zac Posen’s Fall Collection plus Special Add-on Pieces that he previewed for Houston audience…

Zac Posen’s Fall 2016 Collection which he showed at Spring Studios during NY Fashion Week was noteworthy for the designer for a few reasons. One was that he designed his collection in honor of Princess Elizabeth of Toro, a Ugandan a powerful woman of many accomplishments that was eventually the American Ambassador to Uganda.  When asked why he decided on her he said he found it doing research, something that the designer and his partner do extensively .  He felt that it was particularly correct to ensure that the model selection to show this collection showed diversity in a powerful way, something he has always been sensitive to in his previous collection but was much more planned out and strategized for this one.  Women of color were very well represented in his NY collection.  Also, the collection itself was a different take than we usually see from this glam guy. It was much more subdued, classic with more tailored pieces (great coatings and pants), silhouettes that were less voluminous and closer to the body.  The look was sleek, more casual and yet very sophisticated.  When I asked him why, his reply was that he needed to evolve and incorporate more fashion trends as his customer is also evolving.

However, for the Houston audience there were special pieces that he brought here that were add-ons, after New York, that had much more glamour touches and beautiful ballgowns in bold color, while still showing beautifully flattering silhouettes in neutrals such as black and a luscious navy.  These add-on pieces, said Posen, had not even been shown to the celebrity stylists or any of the industry…..that all happens next week and you can see there are many pieces they will love to love there!










The End of a Very Special Day!

P.S.  For all of you Zac Posen Instagram followers that love looking at all of the yummy dishes that the designer loves to cook in his home, (he calls that his detox from the every day fashion world stress!!!) he has a cook-book coming out next year… stay tuned!

photos courtesy of Priscilla Dickson for Neiman Marcus


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