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Tips for Harvey Recovery, How to Clean Out Your Cosmetics

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Chelsi here today, since Hurricane Harvey hit our great city and the surrounding areas, my family and I have been volunteering to help people clean out their homes.  It has been a gift to us to be able to help those who were flooded, but it has also made us take inventory of what is […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Shop Neiman Marcus Beauty Event


Who doesn’t love a free bag and free beauty goodies?   If you are a loyal Neiman Marcus shopper then you already know they do beauty right!  If Neiman Marcus is not your go to store well it should be for beauty!  The selection is amazing, the educated sales staff and artists are top notch, and […]

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Skincare Tips for Hot, Humid, Houston Weather


The summer is hot and humid in Houston.  The majority of people regardless of your skin type, you have to change your skin care regimen in the summer, particularly here.  The humidity can make your skin oilier and prone to break out.  Also, sunscreen is a must but that can compound the breakout problem, as […]

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Millennials Have Spoken… And Their Favorite Color Is Pink!


This past year has borne witness to a smorgasbord of new trends, but none as great as the explosive color “twentysomethings” know and love and the industry has tagged: millennial pink. Sarah here, and while it may sound confined to one particular age group, millennial pink spans across a variety of ages and ideas. From […]

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Dr. Angela Reports…How to Wash Your Hair

Dr. Angela here and let’s talk about just how simple it is to wash your hair?  Washing your hair seems like one of those things you learn as a young child and shouldn’t have to think about.  Guess not!  How you clean your hair makes a difference on how it looks and how strong it […]

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Best of Beauty…From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Fall is in the air!  OK, that is so not true….it is the middle of July and this heat is about as unbearable as it gets!  Chelsi here, this is my favorite time of year because Nordstrom is giving us a sneak peek at Fall trends in fashion, accessories and beauty during their exclusive Anniversary […]

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Summer Nail Trends…Fashion at Your Finger Tips


 As this Summer heats up, nail color is continuing to take its lead from fashion, nail trends are all about shades of pink and great combinations of pastels.  Head to toe White keeps growing in importance every season and Metallics continue to shine year round as well.  Grey just never quits as the neutral that […]

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