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Five Sunscreen Favorites

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As we are all chasing the Fountain of Youth, we exfoliate, laser, and peel in our attempt to repair and restore our skin to its original youthful appearance.  While we focus our efforts on repairing, we should really be putting our energy into preventing and delaying our skin’s aging process.  Believe it or not, there […]

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Fave Concealers

It is May in Texas and the weather is finally getting back to normal (as in hot!).  Chelsi here, and I don’t know what it is about this month, but I always seem to be running on fumes.  It is the season for weddings, showers, and evenings out with friends on some patio before it […]

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Newly Discovered Innovative Product for Your Hair


Davines Hair Assistant Duo Pack Yesterday while filming a segment for the Shop With Heart Card on KHOU at Kuhl-Linscomb I spent much of my down time in the beauty section of that amazing store.  While getting educated on what’s new and innovative in beauty by KL staffers, I was shown a brand new item […]

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Fashion At Your Finger Tips…Nail Trends Spring & Summer 2018


@Fashionisers Hi gals! Nicole here again from Lipstick and Brunch updating you on the latest trends in seasonal beauty and in this occasion we’ll be discussing a topic I’ve dipped my fingers in for quite a long time (no pun intended): nails! I love that nail art is so mainstream now and a way to express your style whether it be […]

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Best of Travel Size Beauty…Plus 10% Off!

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Calling all Sephora VIB + Beauty Insiders for a Member Event from April 20th – April 23rd.  We all love a good sale and we all know that beauty RARELY goes on sale.  Give up to Sephora for rewarding their best clientele with a discount event (yes discount!). – All VIB members (VIB = Beauty Insider […]

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Skincare Gets Natural Plus Body Care Favorites

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The Good Trade Professionally, 2018 has special meaning for me – it means that I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years!  I cannot believe I just put that in writing!  For 20 years, I have seen trends come and go, brands rise and fall, and have slathered, exfoliated, burned and soothed my […]

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Ask Dr. Angela…Is Skin Purging Real After Starting a New Product?

We have all started a new skin care routine thinking it will give us glowy, beautiful skin and ended up with breakouts or unwanted skin changes.  Some say wait it out, others say don’t.  What is the right answer? Dr. Angela here and the difference is “purging” your skin vs causing new breakouts.  If you have […]

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The Messy Bun A Must for Spring Hair


When it comes to hair care, I’m of the mentality “the easier the better.” I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my hair, but I have long thick hair so it’s either getting blow outs often (which isn’t necessarily a good thing for the bank account) or finding easy, no fuss hair […]

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