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Dr. Angela’s Tips For Sensuous Summer Hair


It is Dr. Angela here and it’s hard to believe it’s  May and it already feels like summer in Houston!  Get out your sunscreen because it’s going to get hot this year!  So, we know to get our combo sunscreen/sunblock ready, but what about our hair? Keep in mind that the heat can dry the […]

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5 Products for a 5 Minute Spring Face

The 5 Minute Spring Face

It’s Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch here to share some more of my beauty secrets.  There’s nothing I love more in the morning than doing my make-up and I could sincerely spend hours perfecting my lipstick or unclumping my mascara. But, since finding out I was pregnant, the fatigue has obligated me to cut my […]

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The Belly Art Project….Just in Time for ‘Mommy’s Day’


  Photo Courtesy of: St Martin Press I received an email this week from one of my favorite brands, Spanx, promoting this fun collaboration of many familiar faces and Sarah Blakley.  This happy book showcases moms-to-be with their bellies transformed into works of art to benefit maternal health.   I thought I would pass along the […]

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Blend Smart Makeup Applicator…Great Gift Just in Time for Mother’s Day!


Make-up applicator, Houston’s own, blendSMART featured live demos during Shop With Heart Card preview party at Kuhl-Linscomb. This must try item can be purchased locally at Kuhl-Linscomb, Berings or click here to purchase online. High tech beauty tools continue to be all the rage.  From fancy curling irons to electronic cleansing brushes and at home […]

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Summer Beauty Don’ts from Dr. Angela That’s New News…

Photo courtesy of What to skip for the summer…. While we talk about everything that people do to get ready for the summer and during the summer, its just as important to know what is ok to skip for the warmer months.  Some skin care treatments are better to plan for months with less […]

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The Best of Self-Tanners

How can it already be “tan season”? As the sun is beating down outside, I wanted to share with you some self tanning advice from a My Red Glasses guest contributor, Chelsi Oestreich.  Chelsi has almost 20 years of cosmetic experience with brands such as Laura Mercier, SundayRiley and most recently as the VP of Marketing […]

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Professional Beauty NYX Opens Newest Location in Houston Galleria


 NYX Cosmetics opened its second store in Houston last week in Houston Galleria  This past week was an exciting one for all the beauty fanatics in Houston: the new NYX Professional Makeup freestanding store was having their grand opening within The Galleria Mall in Houston. Recently, a select group of bloggers were invited to get […]

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Wanted….Azzaro’s Men’s Fragrance for the Confident Thrill Seeker


Wanted by Azzaro, the new Men’s fragrance is the scent for the man with a bold daring and provocative attitude.  Photo by Azzaro I would not say that I normally have a ‘great nose’ for men’s scents…..I love women’s and cherish and have a personal story for every scent I own.  So when I received WANTED […]

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Spring Ready…Glowing Skin, Hair and Body!


  Today you’re hearing again from  one of our newest contributors, Nicole Kestenbaum. Nicole is the beauty and lifestyle blogger behind Lipstick & Brunch, and she is  writing for us monthly on all things beauty! Yes, you can consider her the MRG beauty guru.  See below what Nicole has to say about getting all ready for […]

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Dr. Angela Speaks: “What’s New In the World of Hair?”

Beautiful hair

Dr. Angela Sturm, our facial plastic surgeon/contributor has been speaking to us about all of the attention and care that has been taken to our hair. What’s new in the world of hair? Full, thick hair is associated with youth, vitality and health, as well as an expression of our masculinity or femininity.  So, when […]

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