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The Ins and Outs of Moving


Image courtesy of Beth here and speaking from experience, a new year can mean many new things, sometimes even a new move. Just like the recent movie Downsizing, sometimes our inner city living spaces require a reduction when we move. Maybe you are moving to smaller home or maybe you are simply streamlining your living space during a move. Like […]

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Nightstands…From New Smart Technology to How to Style


Image: Front+Main Nightstands, you say?  It is not exactly a piece of furniture that we pay much attention to, however did you know that you can now charge your phone JUST by setting it on your nightstand?  Yep, no cords.  Seems too good to be true, but I assure you that if you drift off to […]

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Iconic River Oaks Luxury Retailer Events Is Making a Move


After 30 years as the anchor of River Oaks Shopping Center, Events is moving a couple of miles away in anticipation of much construction beginning soon and its impact on their loyal customers For those of us that are natives and specifically inner city inhabitants, it’s hard to imagine”our Events” leaving its home of 30 years. […]

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Mark Sikes, Honorary Chair, Kicks Off The Newly Branded Theta Design Weekend

Henredon Headshot

Newly Branded Theta Design Week opens here in H-town December 1 with a luncheon featuring Honorary Chair Mark Sikes at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Designer Mark Sikes, will be in town this weekend as the Honorary Chair of TDW, opening tomorrow at the George R. Brown Convention Center. I enjoyed a quick phone […]

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Fall Home Trends…5 Fashion Looks We’re Lovin’ for the Home


As we all know, there aren’t just trends in the fashion world.  Home decor trends are just as prevalent, and we love following along with what’s hot in the fashion of the home. Julie here today, and we’re breaking down five of the hottest home trends for fall. And the good news is that none […]

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It’s All About Grey


There are colors that come and go, and colors that stay around forever. Grey most certainly falls under the latter category. Julie here today, and grey is a neutral that has stood and will continue to stand the test of time. It’s effortless, it’s stylish, it’s classic, and it goes with everything. Roz has been […]

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Millennials Have Spoken… And Their Favorite Color Is Pink!


This past year has borne witness to a smorgasbord of new trends, but none as great as the explosive color “twentysomethings” know and love and the industry has tagged: millennial pink. Sarah here, and while it may sound confined to one particular age group, millennial pink spans across a variety of ages and ideas. From […]

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Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

summer homes

Who else feels like summer is flying by? It’s crazy to think kids are already going back to school soon and fall is going to be in full swing before we know it. Julie here today, and I’m making sure to savor these last weeks of summer and really enjoy them to the very fullest. […]

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