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Sending Holiday Cheer to All…From Our Home to Yours!

holiday cheerOne last look at our Pactor family tree in our beloved home as we plan to move on up to high-rise living in the coming year. Our tree is now and will remain wherever we are, filled with decades of special memories in every well-selected ornament, that each have meaning and remains the ‘heart’ of our Holiday Decor!

As we approach Christmas Eve this evening and look back at the recent  joy of Hanukkah, our wish for you is to let you people, that we care about, know just how special you are and that we feel gratitude for having you in our lives!

To all, we thank you for fitting us into your busy lives and wish you the gift of love and happiness in your daily lives, peace in this turbulent world and plenty of good cheer and a blessed holiday for all.  We look forward to many days ahead together!

Taking a few of days off, to spend time with family, recharge our batteries and look forward to sharing some of the new ideas we have for My Red Glasses for the coming year!  And by the way……making time for some post-holiday shopping to support our local retailers is certainly on our agenda and hopefully on yours as well!!!

Warm regards,

Roz Pactor

About Roz Pactor

I am a fashion and marketing consultant and blogger based in Houston, Texas. With more than three decades of experience in fashion retailing that has spanned Foley’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s NYC, I have earned a reputation for delivering expertise, energy and enthusiasm to my roster of clients. I have remained closely connected with designer women’s fashion as well as the misses, teens, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories markets from coast to coast.

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