Neiman Marcus ‘Most Wanted’ Fashion Trend Presentation…..

F?0V3A5716Neiman Marcus Galleria presented Spring 2018 Fashion Trends Runway Show last evening to an eager cold-weather weary crowd that was delighted for a touch of Spring!

Trend Overview:  Spring 2018 fashion trends, as presented from a Neiman Marcus point-of-view, is positioned to bring to the eagerly awaiting, cold weather-worn clientele a touch of fresh air. Lots of bright, bright colors in every hue set the tone for the season ahead. You can pick your favorite from a palette of sunny yellow to punchy pink to ooh la la orange and many more, the choice is plentiful and yours to make.  Other trends to make note of are: a new take on the classic stripes, always a fashion favorite; florals with a retro feel, and evening wear that does nothing but shine through all of its sequins and bright color.

Below, we have extracted from the Neiman’s show, some of our favorite looks from each of the highlighted trends…..see the slide show on each below.  And yes, guys can have some fun with fashion as well as you will see below. Not your basic Men’s wardrobe, but jazzing that guy up a lot!  Also, please take a minute to check out the accessories…..especially the boot selection,yes, for Spring….Gucci at its best!!! Enjoy and get ready for Spring. This is our first taste but much more specific highlighted ideas to follow…..stay tuned, Spring 2018 is really coming!

Trend:  Brights


Trend:  Florals


Trend:  Stripes


Trend:  Shimmer & Shine


redandwhite men1

Once again, I wish everyone a Happy Spring….it should be coming soon and you can begin  getting ready for it now.  This is only our first taste but much more specific highlighted ideas to follow…..stay tuned, Spring 2018 is really coming!

photos courtesy of Priscilla Dickson Photography

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