Travel Report: Spa Getaways Can Be Perfect For Your Next Girls Trip

Hi, we at My Red Glasses have been bitten by the travel bug and are busy planning our many trips to many great places in the coming months.  While working with Cori Scherer from Cover FX (see story here), she shared with us her traveling plans to this resort in La Jolla, one of my favorite places, and it looked fantastic. So, we asked Cori, an accomplished blogger (find her blog here)  to write for us some of the highlights of her trip. The following is Cori’s view of the of the Estancia Resort & Spa in La Jolla.


Nestled in the heart of La Jolla, Estancia Resort & Spa is the perfect getaway for a long weekend.  Whether you’re due for a reunion with your girlfriends, a relaxing spa weekend, or a romantic getaway, the resort has you covered.  I was simply in need of a quick escape from work and a major catch-up with my best friends from college!

We wanted to go somewhere that would allow us to treat ourselves without breaking the bank.  Estancia offered us an affordable rate with great amenities (and did I mention they threw in a free bottle of wine upon check-in?).  We were amazed at how helpful the staff was – They got us checked in, gave us a brief tour of the outdoors, and even showed us the trail to the beach, which happened to be a nude beach (that’s a different story)!


After marveling at the gorgeous exterior of the resort, including countless palm trees, white-draped cabanas throughout the central pool area, and a hiking trail, we checked into our room and opened our bottle of red wine.  We threw our bags down and had to go checkout the bathroom to see if there was enough room for us all to get ready.  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t most excited about the Fresh goodies displayed in the bathroom – The Seaberry shampoo and conditioner are our favorite!

Our first day included a hike down Torrey Pines to the gliderport, where we had the most spectacular view of the beach below us.  The gliderport is just past the UCSD campus, so you’ll also have the chance to view this stunning building on your way!


Definitely pack your sneakers and take some time to walk down to the beach from the resort.  The walk is beautiful, but don’t underestimate the distance!  Bring some water and prep yourself for the walk back up – It’s the best workout you’ll have all weekend!

The pool at Estancia was by far my favorite.  The girls and I tried to plan a jam-packed weekend in La Jolla, but we truly just wanted to lay out at the pool all weekend — We may have had to force ourselves up from a sun nap to get to the zoo.  The pool has plenty of chairs, relaxing music, and a bar where you can grab a cocktail and lunch.


It’s not truly a stay at Estancia if you don’t visit the spa.  The smell of eucalyptus fills the lobby, and I was immediately drawn to the luxurious skincare and candles that filled the shelves.  After smelling the Aura candles and browsing the menu of spa services, we decided to keep it simple and do a basic spa visit, rather than booking a specific service.  Estancia offers the option to visit the spa for a daily fee, and this includes access to the eucalyptus steam room, showers, saltwater hot tub, and the relaxation room.  This was the perfect relaxation day for us, and it allowed us to enjoy the luxury of the spa without spending more than our budget.  We sat in the steam room for about 15 minutes, changed into our robes, and walked outside to the quiet, peaceful saltwater hot tub.  We also made sure to snag some of the ice water and even a few slices of cucumber to create our own DIY facial while in the hot tub.


We ventured into the relaxation room, which is a co-ed spot to lean back, read a magazine, take a nap, or order a glass of champagne.  We sipped on hot coffee, lemon water, and couldn’t resist the green apples either.  I was extremely impressed with the décor of this room, and we found ourselves in there for about an hour.


My least favorite part of our stay was waking up on Sunday morning to catch an uber to the airport!  We did manage to grab a cup of complimentary coffee in the restaurant area, which is served daily from 4-6AM.  If you’re an early riser, grab your coffee and enjoy as many hours at Estancia as possible!  Head to to book your trip!  Summer’s around the corner…



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