Welcome 2019….A Year of Change As We Head Forward



First of all, to those of you that I have not reached through social media, I want to wish for you a New Year filled with happiness, prosperity and most importantly the best of health for you and those you love.  At MRG, we stepped away for a few days to recharge our batteries, reflect on the past year and wipe the slate clean as we approach a new year where we will continue on a journey of change both professionally but definitely personally for me and my family. Included in that change is some fresh new ideas we will be sharing with you in the coming months.

As I mentioned in my previous holiday post, it is a time of transition for Alan and I as we work toward the process of leaving our family home, of many years, that we cherish great memories of and venture into a simpler lifestyle of our new “home in the sky”! I know it will be great for us and for my family but it’s still feeling a little bittersweet. I moved my office into my home this year, which has been a great and much needed transition and all is good and set in motion to continue my ‘year of change’. I have more than ever taken on the challenge of making very specific goals and plans for the new year. I’m not a big one for the word, resolution…I make them and try to follow them but for the largest part am following the lead of many of my fellow bloggers that have adopted the word “intentions” as the direction for life choices for the coming year.

About my family…….well, my daughter, Crystin is making the move back to H-town after being away and working for the PGA for a couple of year in Florida and she is looking forward to a fab new living space and an awesome new job, all happening right now!  As for my other daughter, Nicole Graham and her husband Mike, they have worked very hard in their chicken business and have multiple irons in the fire for the coming year. They are on the move to build on their recent success with the Garden Hen, Chicken Chew, City Chickens and let’s say “all things chicken”and are looking to have a great year. They are doing this all the while they have been transitioning their oldest, Haylie, into a new high school (hard to believe?!!) and the two littles, Harper and Harley, into their happy toddler lives in the school that they love……these three gals continue to light up of our lives!

Now that I’ve updated you on our family I want to take a quick look back through MyRedGlasses, at some of our high points in  2018. There is always so much and I promise not to bore you with too many, but the editing was so difficult. I am always amazed as I look back at just all that we have done and/or been a part of this past year. I know the New Year should not be about looking back but I find it necessary to take a look at where you’ve been before you can go forward.  I am, also, one of those people that reads every list of the “best of___” in the passing year and so I naturally have to take a look back at my own!

Enjoy our photos and if we shared something special with you and it’s not here, I apologize…..editing was so difficult……..we give you a step back in time, to 2018 at MyRedGlasses!!!


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